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We are Family law solicitors, a family law firm based in Sydney. Whilst our office is in the city of Sydney, we act for clients nationwide and provide legal advice on all areas of family law from any one of our offices located throughout Australia. We are members of the Law Society of Australia. We pride ourselves on our service and experience provided to family law clients, because we want you to have a seamless resolution as soon as possible so that everyone can move forward with their lives for good!

Our team of Family lawyers guarantees that whatever your family law issue is, we will find and implement the best solution for it. Whether you are facing issues in relation to child custody , spousal maintenance or division of property . Further still, we offer an array of services including mediation and litigation for any legal needs that you may face.

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Our best family lawyers in Sydney are dedicated to relentlessly pursuing our clients’ pursuits, and getting amazing results. They are the Sydney’s best family law specialists. Family law is our key aspect in our law firm. In the time of need, we will flip and rely upon you for well-timed legal advice that is proven effective. We frequently represent people at trials as they appeal decisions or attempt negotiations during proceedings such as ADR’s (alternative dispute resolutions).


Our family law experts offer specialized advice and representation to individuals in your situation who are dealing with a circle of relative’s regulation issue such as child care, child support, safety concerns, or parenting preparations. We can help you figure out all aspects of the divorce process from financial disputes to spousal maintenance agreements. We all know that, if the family lawyers aren’t experienced enough in family law, they won’t be able to provide the best services to the respected clients.

Our ardor and highest objective for all of our clients is to make certain that when we’re done, you are inside the quality situation in your life. You’ll be able to transport ahead with a fantastic path together with your lifestyle if this stipulates what you need.

This website has been designed de facto with two functions in mind: to offer you some easy-to-understand information about a complicated system, and to tell you more about us. First of all, the “scarf guide” tab above will provide clear guidelines for your family law questions; we’ve also compiled articles regarding family law matters that are published on our sidebar if reading is what you prefer over clicking. Secondly, this site was created so as to make it easier for people like yourself who need answers fast!

Our team of attorneys are experts in a variety of family law matters. They enjoy negotiating all aspects and formalizing agreement effects, which is why we take pride in advising our clients through their entire circle-of-life’s system for them to attain first-rate results.

When you need to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life, finding a place for peace is important. If your family disputes are driving you crazy or leading family apart or if divorce has got in the way of any happy future, we’re here to help with our amicable resolution service that’s designed exactly for what matters most-you!

As divorce is occurring gradually in Sydney family, that’s why divorce law and divorce lawyers have become an important part of our typical life as well as our law firm. Together with property settlement, divorce lawyers work on family divorce de facto relationships.

We know that every client has a different way of handling their legal issues. We want to be there for you and will treat everyone with respect, empathy, and understanding. Take some time to read through testimonials from our beyond cutting-edge customers!

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Overview of Our Family Law Services

Family law is complicated and emotional. When it’s about your family, nothing else matters more- that’s why you need a legal team with experience in the field to help you solve any disputes related to the legality of your relationships.

You need a legal professional who is dedicated to assisting those in difficult situations. From knowledge of the law, alternatives, and sincere evaluations; they will be able to provide you with everything you could ever ask for!

Legal professionals are committed to providing solutions that meet your needs. They understand how hard it can be when stuck between a rock and an even harder place without any answers as well as being compassionate towards your situation while giving honest advice based off their expertise so don’t hesitate on getting help right away from someone who genuinely cares about what happens next!

Our dedication to excellence, attention to detail and professionalism allow us not only help you through your questions but also provide you with a personalized service that will exceed all of your expectations.

We offer complete service representation in family law to help you achieve a resounding outcome for your case. Our lawyers can be the voice of reason during all hearings and lawsuits, from settlement discussions or depositions to trials. We specialize in:


  • Divorce & Separations
  • Spousal & Child Support
  • Child Custody & Access
  • Home & Property Division
  • Self-Employed & Business Matters
  • Marriage Contracts & Cohabitation Agreements


Study Your options and Set Yourself Up for A high-resolution

If you’re presently facing a situation that threatens to disrupt your personal or economic well being, we want to help alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty with our guidance.
The professionals at this law firm will work tirelessly on their behalf so they can make informed decisions about what steps need be taken moving forward without feeling overwhelmed by anxiety.
We are a modern, skilled family law team who is passionate about providing excellent service for our clients. We can help you defend your rights with the following services:

  • Provide an explanation for your choices, rights, and obligations, so you remain on top of things of the outcome you need.
  • Combat tirelessly for your behalf, whether it’s in a settlement assembly, in negotiation, mediation, or court.

Some frequently asked questions :

The lawyer will bill you $295 for the first hour of his time. If your case only needs a one-hour adjournment, then this may cover it–since that is about how long an adjournment takes in most cases. The cost to hire a lawyer varies depending on what type of situation you are dealing with; but usually falls somewhere between $300 and 400 per hour or so, averaging out at around 350 dollars an hour.

Under fixed fee rates, the more you drink and drive; the cheaper it will be. Our team of legal experts can help to negotiate a set rate for your case depending on what state law applies in your situation. We offer discounts when one court appearance is all that’s necessary as well!

There are many ways we can reduce costs like negotiating discounted fees or setting up an agreed upon flat-rate for matters such as these where just one court appearance might suffice without any extra research needed from our lawyers.

Advice Before Court:

We recommend booking a one-hour conference with your lawyer before going to court. You will get expert advice on what you should do, the likely outcome and any preparation you need to do beforehand. It’s important that when it comes time for the trial, all of those questions are answered so there is no doubt about how best to approach this sensitive matter in front of a judge or jury.

Here is our list of the top 5 tips for Choosing A Good Family Attorney.

When a family problem is at its worst and reaches the courts, it’s important to have an excellent lawyer on your side. The first step in hiring them should be checking their credentials before anything else because they will need highly qualified individuals just as much as you hope for a favorable outcome.

Before you hire a lawyer, look for qualifications such as professionalism. Trust and confidence are paramount to assure that the case will be won by the client. Make sure they have expertise so your needs can be met effectively in court!

1. Ask Around Or Check Reviews

If you need a lawyer, your family and friends can help! They’ll be able to provide the widest range of experiences with lawyers. So ask them for referrals – they may know someone who did well in their experience, or at least one that was bad so you won’t have to go through as much trial-and-error.

For an expert opinion on the best next steps for your divorce, you should consult with a psychologist and accountant. They will help guide you in obtaining custody of any minor children as well as protect assets for yourself during this difficult time period.

For the most accurate legal guidance possible, it is important to speak with multiple professionals about your situation – including psychologists and accountants who have experience assisting clients through divorces like yours!

Knowing how a lawyer has dealt with similar cases before can give you an idea of what to expect. This is why asking previous clients for their opinion on the same case will help guide your decision-making process and make it easier when selecting the appropriate attorney.

2. Choose An Expert

Family law is among the most complicated areas of legal practice. The laws are always changing, which means that a judge could change their perspective on an issue at any time. Thus it’s important to hire experienced attorneys who have deep knowledge and expertise in family law so they can provide you with sound advice for your case.

You should also be sure to choose a lawyer who has experience in your particular area of law. For instance, if you need representation for an upcoming trial, it would make the most sense to hire someone with extensive courtroom experience.

When you are dealing with a divorce, hire an attorney who is good at negotiating. You should do your research to find out their record and how they have dealt with similar cases before coming up against them in court.

3. Meet With Your Lawyer

Meeting with a lawyer in person can give you so much information without all the hassle of finding and contacting them. From their work ethic to how they prepare for your case, these interviews will help you make informed decisions on who is right for what type of situation.

When you choose your family lawyer, make sure that they are compatible with not only the personality of yourself and your entire family but also their own. After all, this person will be working on some personal issues for you as well!

4. Find Someone Accessible

A good lawyer is attentive to the client’s needs, they should be easily reached and provide prompt feedback. It would also be helpful if the person talks in a conversational manner that avoids legal jargon difficult for people to understand.

Furthermore, a lawyer’s location is also an important factor. It can be easy to find and hire one in your local area without the stress of traveling if you have meetings with them often enough!

Lawyers that stay in touch with their clients by updating them on each step of the case is a plus point for any lawyer.

5. Pick A Lawyer With Reasonable Fees

Choosing a cheap attorney for your family law case could mean that you will not have the option of getting the best strategy to win. This is because many lawyers with high hourly rates are due to their efficiency and expertise in handling cases – which means less time but more decisive outcomes.

For some people, the thought of hiring an expensive lawyer is not worth it. However, there are other lawyers who have lower rates that may be just as good and they don’t tend to charge for their time because they lack in demand which means you’ll end up paying less than if your case was successful.

It’s important not to rely on cost alone when deciding which family lawyer to hire. You should look for the attorney who can represent you and your family in court, making sure everything is fair.

Bottom Line

The tips above are great for anyone searching for a family lawyer. Choosing the right one is like trying to find someone in your city on Google Maps: it takes careful consideration but if you do, finding relief after that will be easy. A good family lawyer practices respectable work ethics and has extensive knowledge of their field–good luck!


Costs of hiring a family lawyer in Sydney, Australia

The cost of hiring a qualified family lawyer in Australia can vary depending on the location, specialty and experience of each attorney. Factors such as legal fees for handling divorce or child custody cases may also affect how much you have to pay per hour.

In Australia, family is very important. As a result of this cultural value and the importance put on families in society there are no low-cost attorneys available to help them with their legal matters. Simple cases can cost $2,000 because they need an attorney who knows how to handle such things; more complicated cases have exorbitant costs as well due to all that needs be done for children.

Costs in family law proceedings vary widely. If you hire a junior lawyer who is just starting into their career with a private practice, you might be able to find one for around $100 an hour but it’s unlikely they will provide many services at this rate. A seasoned professional can charge as much as $300-$400 per hour and supply more extensive service accordingly.

The Best Family Lawyers in Sydney that are ready to manage all areas of family law.

We’re not just the best family lawyers in Sydney, we stand by it. Why? Because our team of experts are a group passionate about their work and committed to your satisfaction. We take on all kinds of cases so don’t hesitate to ask us for help!

You see, we believe being the best requires a whole range of things. It’s not only about experience or education though both are important to us! A good lawyer is also able to listen well and figure out solutions for your needs; plan strategies that will work in court, reduce conflict so you can focus on what matters most right now like raising your kids or healing from this tragedy; anticipate how former partners may respond when they find themselves involved in legal proceedings once again (or maybe for the first time).

We offer these services because we care deeply about our clients who deserve nothing but compassionate service while going through one of life’s toughest ordeals: divorce.

We’re great at communicating with you. We make it easy to talk about what matters most – your best interests are our top priority!

We will do our best to provide legal services in all languages! We have many lawyers who are fluent in Arabic, Greek, Lebanese Mandarin Spanish and Vietnamese. No one should be denied the right of access to justice due to language barriers!


Getting advice for free or a fixed fee in Sydney, Australia.

Some solicitors offer 30 minutes of legal advice for free. Some are willing to give a fixed fee, which can be helpful in knowing beforehand what the cost will be. If you call their office and ask about this option they may have some available that fit your needs!

This free service provides the opportunity to speak with an attorney for half hour about your legal rights and responsibilities. It’s a great way to get answers that you need in order make important decisions.

You should make yourself a list of questions to ask your solicitor before you go in for the appointment. You can also get some advice from Citizens Advice about what types of things they would like to see or talk about during an interview with them.