Are more expensive lawyers better?

Are more expensive lawyers better?

Some people believe that the more money a client has, the higher their chances of winning. In one sense I agree with this assessment as it is possible for rich clients to bury an attorney’s opposition in paperwork and files (possibly forcing them into a less than favorable settlement).

Wealthy clients can in general afford for an attorney to put more hours on a case which certainly doesn’t hurt. A rich client can also afford to go to trial instead of settling or accepting the plea, all this combined probably leads them to victory over their opponents but is it really because they have money? Accessibility of justice has become a huge problem so maybe what we’re seeing here are just symptoms and not necessarily lawyer’s individual skills that win cases.

I had to chuckle when I saw O.J. Simpson on Catherine’s list of wealthy people who hired expensive attorneys with a good result. In many preliminary matters, Robert Kardashian represented him as they were friends–until he was murdered in 2003 by his own son for the sake of inheritance!

I always found it strange that Kardashian was out of practice for so long and had to scramble just to get his license. I don’t know what their fee arrangement is, but all sources point towards this as a favor between friends – probably something like buying him dinner with some drinks thrown in there too!

I am of the opinion that Johnnie Cochran and O.J Simpson’s defense team were well paid for their efforts because they certainly know how to play a game, but I’m not sure if they won or lost this case. It seems like it was all just luck in terms of who would come out on top after Kardashian went off the air with his reality show about Kim and Kanye West one day before the trial began when he said ‘I don’t want to be alive anymore.

The prosecution should have been more prepared for the case. The defense had an easy time undermining their arguments and convincing a jury that Simpson was not guilty.

The prosecution never stood a chance against the defense as their key witness had major flaws that should have been discovered beforehand and Clark’s failed attempt at tricking Simpson was entirely her own fault.

There was an unspoken assumption that the prosecution team had this one in the bag. Though, even with a strong case and hard work from Cochran’s team, they were unable to deliver for their client.

It’s not always the case that a person who hires expensive lawyers will get off scot-free, as Wesley Snipes discovered when he was tried for tax evasion in 2008.

He had very good and very expensive attorneys but still ended up with heavy fines of more than $5 million dollars after being convicted on three counts of willful failure to file federal income taxes (to which he plead guilty). Many people in the legal world believed this sentence showed how important it is to have an excellent defense team – even if one has hired some high-priced talent.

He also had accountants that advised him he didn’t have to pay taxes on some of his money. So, do I smell a follow-up question from you at home: “Do people who hire expensive accountants go to jail less for tax evasion?” Why?

Why is it hard for the IRS and other agencies in charge of collecting taxes when someone hires an accountant or lawyer-accountant like John’s company does?

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